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2012 Edition

San Vito Chietino

AKIM the son of the Jungle

Renzi and Pedrazza – Cover M. Laurenti
Coloring Play Seven

A plane crashes in the heart of the forest. Only survivor of a newborn. Kar gorilla adopts the little “White Monkey”, defending it against the perfidious Gabon, who would sacrifice to their God quell’orfanello one day become the King of the Jungle with the consent of Rag, the ruler of all of the brave lions and elephant Baroi .
Back to the extraordinary adventure of Akim, the Son of the Jungle for the first time in full color. A hero strong, wise and lealeche fight to defend his colorful Universal Forest dallacupidigia of modern society.

106 pages, hardcover color

Play Seven editions


DIAZ preview

Christian Mirra, Benevento, 35 years of which: 9 lived in Barcelona 4 in Amsterdam, currently lives in the North of Spain. Self taught, he writes and draws comics since he was 6 years old and his first published works date back to 1999. For years he has worked primarily commercial illustration and graphic design, and before he could devote himself almost exclusively to his main passion: comic books. In 2010 he published his first La, Graphic Novel That night at the Diaz  ( Ugo Publisher Bloomsbury ), in which he recounts in a sort of personal diary and the collective experience: the Diaz school in Genoa at the end of the G8 in 2001. His second graphic novel “The Grimace” written by Sergio D’Argenio was published as a webcomic serialized on the site http://www.goleminformazione.it.
Sui comics work appears in several anthologies of various publishers: Bloomsbury Publishing Almanac 2011 ( Ugo Publisher Bloomsbury Publishing ) , Sherwood Comix (Nicola Pesce Editore) Global Warming (Ndn press)  Where’s Michael? (New Holland Publishers). Other collaborations with magazines: Mono (Tunuè), Mommy! (Altrinformazione), Forward Lens (Made in tomorrow).
currently works as a freelance illustrator and is developing, among other things, the comic strip for the magazine El Duende and his third graphic novel (with lyrics by Gaetano Passarelli), which will be published next year in Brazil by the publisher Lilamé.

His work can be seen on the websites:





Mastrazzo Marco was born in 1989 in Monferrato , he graduated as a surveyor, growing up in a family where two generations have dedicated their lives to collecting comics (Italian and international). And ‘the passion of his grandfather and father all his hide my interest in this universe. Attracted by drawing, and any other form of visual art, a need to create their own code of communication and dips in the study of anatomical shape and expression of the human body. While conducting a routine work, are increasingly dedicated to the design, which appeared promising in early childhood, are refined also attracting the interest of the outside world. Start with designs on commission: tattoos, illustrations, book covers and other works. In 2010 he won a competition that led him to his first LUCCA COMICS to attend a workshop led by L. Bartoli and G. Di Bernardo , culminating with the publication of a short story on this file First Creation . Also in Lucca presents the work on the Talent Scout ‘s MARVEL CB Cebulski , who enthusiastically offered him a trial period that is continuing to this day. comes among the top 20 in the international competition “CREATE A SUPERHERO” organized by Stan Lee and Todd McFarlane , presenting Black Ring , a character that marks his visibly creative evolution. In 2012 he began a collaboration with L. Bartoli : “SHUT UP AND FOLD” (web comics available on each web store) and continues with other projects for the American market, which you can not even talk …

LUCA Casalanguida

Luke Casalanguida. Lancaster, August 31, 1976. Lives and works in San Vito chietino.
 He graduated in architecture at Pescara and there he attended the School of Comics Pescara.Disegna forever, but debuted professionally after graduating from the SFP with a short story published in Skorpio (Eura). Since then he has continued to work regularly posting on Skorpio, Launch Story, Detective Dante Special Victims Unit (Eura). Started working for Sergio Bonelli Editore in 2011 with the slopes of Nathan Never sull’Almanacco Science Fiction and number 248 of the regular series . Currently he is working on a new series (Sergio Bonelli Editore) with pencils and inks, which will be released in 2013.


2011 Edition



Comic book biography of Jimi Hendrix

Gianluca Mattia Colombara and Macon

Gianluca Macon was born in Pordenone in 1977.

He graduated in ’96 at the State Institute of Art Cordenons and later attended the Academy of Fine Arts in Venice in 2003, majoring in sculpture. He is dedicated to activities as diverse as the backdrop to sculpture, decoration, animation, graphics and illustration seeks to integrate all these contaminations in the comic. Collaborate to prozine “Lattepiù.” It deals with the graphic card of some CDs of musical groups in the area as Hecates and Cement Posse, a tale of promotional Grizz & Fizz appeared in the magazine “Jamboree,” and creates a character that appears in the logo of Captain Jive.

In 2002 he created with Emanuele Marchiori and Giorgio Finamore interventions animated documentary was snowing in April of Stephen Wiel, produced by the Culture of Cadoneghe.

In the same year produced a stop-motion short film titled Across. In 2004 he won the prize for the best cartoon Fuse, organized by Torinocomics, with the story The shadows of the lagoon, from a screenplay by James Soldà, and collaborates with the infamous newspaper “Auagnamagnagna.”

In 2005, draws Crimes of Alleghe, screenplay by Andrés Wonder, and the Pasolini murder, which he also wrote for the collection “Black History” of the Yellow-billed.

In 2007 he published the story in the anthology Five Stars Hotel immigration Fortress Europe, by Coniglio Editore, along with Mattia Colombara realizes the first issue of Aztlan for Safarà Publisher and The House of Alice screenplay by Luca Vanzella, for which Selfcomics Boscarato Wins Award for best short story in the same year.

In 2008, public Lavieri Yggdrasil. The tree of life. Since 2009, leaving the series Journey to the West, the Chinese adaptation of the novel, for Lavieri and Mediterranean, first place on texts by Alexander and later by Alex Crippa, for


Electric Requiem pdf pages


Comic book biography of Hugo Pratt

Paul Cossi

Paul Cossi, Pordenone, 1980.
Author of several books, among the most important are:
the Crown, the man of the woods Erto, the Crown, the mountain like life, Tina Modotti (library picture) and the Unabomber The earthquake of Friuli (Yellow Beak), The Story of Mara, herbs boiled for Anarchy (Lavieri) 1918 destinations in October (De Bastiani); Medz Yeghern. The great evil, 1432. The Venetian, who discovered the cod, A Gentleman of Fortune. Comics Biography of Hugo Pratt (Hazard Edizioni).
has received the “Albertarelli” in 2004 as best young Italian author, in 2009, for Medz Yeghern, the award “Condorcet-Aron for democracy” by the Parliament of the French Community of Belgium and the prize “Diagonal” as best foreign accredited published in Belgium in 2009.
His books have been translated in France, Belgium, Spain, Holland, Norway and Korea.

Visions African pdf pages


Collective Watt Magazine


Works in Milan, he studied the life and death, good and evil,

human behavior and the so-called identity.

It uses tools, direct observation,

tempera, oil, enamel and ink, common objects

of various nature and sometimes of his body.


MAURITIUS The Altrella

Born in Milan in 1972.

He exhibited from 1993 in Italy and abroad.

Lives and works in Milan.

www.myspace.com / blutopo


Born in Naples in 1978. After his academic studies

is devoted to the illustration collaborating with studies

advertising and creating illustrations for teaching purposes.

In 2009 he published in the catalog Freistil Black

(Hermann Schmidt Mainz) and in 2010 was selected

for the catalog and the exhibition The grammar of the figures .

Explain Gianni Rodari (Publishing Composers).

Lives and works in Bologna.



Illustrator, painter, photographer, artist email,

collagist, journalist free lance.



He wanders in the underground music of self-

and publishing. Has written many walls with spray.

With Razor comics published scarred tree ,

Bell , not without bad hand , for Npe published

Annetta . It is one of the authors of the journal “Judas.”



Illustrator, theatrical, visual performer, humorist,

muralist, cartoonist and teacher. Lives in Bolzano.



Born in Turin in 1982, currently is creative,

graphic designer and illustrator at Lachimica Berthollet,

study shared with two partners designer.





Francis Gregory

Illustrator and storyboard artist for advertising agencies.
Exhibition: Museum of Modern Art and Contemporary Art in
Moscow, the International Museum of Cartoon Brussels Biennial of
Young Artists from Europe and the Mediterranean to Rome, Galleria
Pinto-Traeger and Gallery Cero City Mexico, Museo
Laboratorio Former Tobacco Factory in Città Sant’Angelo (PE).

He lives in the country with Gaia, the picola Moon, 40 (quaranta/00) cats
and 5 dogs!



keke pdf pages

amores perros pdf pages

wayne pdf pages





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